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So, what does preparing a translation entail?

You can speak a foreign language? You can make yourself understood in a foreign country?
This does not make you a translator!

Translators are gifted individuals, who have studied the science of translation and who have acquired particularly extensive knowledge and expertise in specific subject fields (hence, the term 'specialist translator').

To prepare a translation to the required standard, you need

  • to have taken a course of study that will have acquainted you with the techniques  that translation involves

  • many years of experience in the field of translation

  • fundamental knowledge of certain specialised areas

  • and when it comes to certified translations: a court-accreditation

After all, there is a lot more to becoming a virtuoso violinist than simply owning a violin!

What makes the translation agency a safer port-of-call from the point of view of the customer than the individual translator?

  • a professional translation agency has professional staff, for whom looking after your  translation needs comes as second nature;

  • there is no such thing as holidays at the translation agency, and there are fixed  office hours;

  • a translation agency has no issue with taking customer-specific needs and requests  into account from the point of view of what exactly needs to be done (organising a  legalisation, liaising with embassies and consulates, delivering your work in specific  file formats, providing add-on services);

  • the translation agency has fixed prices, whereas the one-man operation has been  known to demand unacceptable rates for the service provided;

  • the translation agency offers precisely the level of competence that your needs call  for.

  • most translation agencies have a specialist translator 'at the helm';

  • a professional translation agency does not operate out of some corner in the bedroom - it takes more than just a corner - whatever the room! - to accommodate the vast array of technical equipment that simply cannot be done without in our field of work;

  • a professional translation agency knows that there are 'horses for courses', and  only the translator who best fits the bill will be entrusted with dealing with your  translation needs.

FL Intercoop has proven time and again since 1985 that they are up there with the best of them. There is hardly a single large-scale player on the European market that we have not translated for.

Our second-to-none reputation gets talked about wherever you go - this is the secret of our success.

So, have you also decided that what you need is..... US?

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