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We have pleasure in providing you with some introductory details on the 100-language translation service we offer at FL INTERCOOP.

In the ever changing business world in which we live, it is becoming increasingly important for private individuals, professionals, organisations and companies to be able to assess with confidence the quality of the business partners they have selected. Before a satisfactory, long-term relationship can be embarked upon, there are several important issues which you, the client, will need to address first.

Is OUR approach sufficiently personal and appropriately tailored to meet YOUR specific needs?

Can YOU trust OUR company and its people to look after YOUR requirements?

Will the relationship YOU develop with US meet your changing needs over the years?

At FL INTERCOOP, we offer a unique combination of traditional strengths and new resources. Our aim is to provide a service which is second to none. We believe we achieve this with a blend of dynamic, high-calibre and excellence-oriented professional translators whose background and skills equip them to master the challenges of today's business environment.

Company policy at FL INTERCOOP gives absolute priority at all times to providing a professional service geared towards accommodating the needs of professional people, and the status and popularity we enjoy, both at home and abroad, in today's fiercely competitive marketplace are for us a clear indicator that we succeed in doing just that. We take pride in our ability to deliver consistenly fast, accurate work, in time, to brief and within budget. Our company has been providing a reliable and efficiently managed technical translation program to industry and commerce since the beginning of the 80's.

Member of the German-Hungarian Chamber of Trade and Commerce

Video introduction of the Company

Information to certified translations


Languages of the world

Only some of the most important languages:

Afrikaans Albanian Amharic Arabic Armenian Assamese Atoni Avar Azeri Balinese Baluchian Basque Batak Belarussian Bengali Bhojpuri Bikol Bodo Bosnian Bukharic Bulgarian Burmese Catalan Cebuano Chamorro Chanti Chechen Ch(h)attisgarhi Chichewa Chinese Chuukese Chuvash Creole Creole Croatian Czech Danish Dari Diejiu Dinka Divehi Dogri Dutch Dzhongka
English (GB, US, AUS) Esperanto Estonian Ewe Faeroese Farsi Fijian Finnish Flemish Fon French Gaelic Garifuna Garhwali Garo Georgian German Greek Greenlandic Gujarati Hakka Hassaniya Hausa Hawaiian Hebrew Hiligaynon Hindi Hmong Hungarian Icelandic Igbo Ilocano Ilongo Indonesian Ingush Irish Italian Japanese Javanese Jurak Kannada Kashmiri Kazakh Khmer Kinyarwanda Kiribati Kok Borok Komi Konkani Korean Kosraean Kumuoni Kurdish Kyrgyz Lak Lao Latin Latvian Lezgian Lingala Lithuanian Luxemburgois Macedonian Maithili Malagasy Malay Malayalam Maltese Mandinka Mansi Maori Marathi Mari Marshallese Mende Minangkabau Moldavian Mongolian Mordva Mortlock Mopan Maya Mundari Nauruan Nepalese Norwegian Nuer Oriya Oromo Ostjak (Chantic/Hanty) Palauan Pampangan Pashtu Persian (Farsi) Polish Ponapean Portuguese Provencal Punjabi Quechua Rajasthani Romanian Romany Russian Samoan Sanskrit Santali Sardinian Selkup Serbian Setswana Shan Sicilian Sindhi Sinhalese Siswati Slovak Slovene Somali Sotho Spanish Sudanese Swahili Swazi Swedish Sylhetti Syriac Tadzhik (Tajik) Tagalog Tahitian Taiwanese Tamil Tatar Telugu Tetun Thai Tibetan Tigrinya Tokelauan Tongan Tripuri Tswana Tuic Tulu Turkish Turkmen Tuvaluan Twi Udmurt Ukrainian Urdu Uyghur Uzbek Vietnamese Vogul Wallon Waray-Waray Welsh Wogul Wolof Xhosa Yiddish Yoruba Zulu

This is an extract only from a list of more thousand languages of the world.


In the past three decades we have translated about 1 million of pages for thousands of customers all over the world. To our satisfied customers count trusts, authorities, governmental offices and private. Some of our translations have been printed in millions of copies.

We are held to be "etalon" on the base of the fact that best translations mean the greatest possible benefit to customers using FL Intercoop's service.

Translations - instruments to success.

Event management

We organize your participation in trade fairs and conferences with all services necessary for a succesful event:

  • guidance

  • contact to domestic and foreign fair organizers

  • completion of formalities

  • retention of stand builders

  • transport arrangement for visitors

  • translation and printing of brochures

  • fair assistance, interpreters and translators

On demand we provide you with learjets (for about 30-40 people each) and helicopters. Please contact us!

On the right-hand side you find some pictures of our conference and trade fair service.



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Neuer Wall 2 (Wallzentrum)
47441 Moers

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